On September, this adorable couple will meet you in Seoul, Republic of Korea!



Sep. 18

@ Seoul Animation Center, 17:00 - Panorama2-Go to Home

Sep. 20

@ CGV Myeong-dong, 11:00 - Panorama2-Go to Home

Like Dad | 3D Short Animation | 2014



Directed & Produced by Jiyeon Jung

3D Production Directed by Cindy Kyung Ah Jang

Story & Character Designed by Jiyeon Jung

Storyboard & 3D Layout by Jiyeon Jung

Character Modeling by Thomas Duong

Character TD by Hannah Quick Leitzke, Mahsa Abbasi

Animated by Jiyeon Jung, Sungwook LeeMooly Segal

Color & BG Concept Art by Milee Kim

Painting by Jiyeon Jung(Dad), Polong Jeon(Girl)

Prop Modeling by Pil Gyu Chang, Cindy Kyung Ah Jang

Character & BG Texture by Cindy Kyung Ah Jang

Additional BG Texture by Milee Kim

Shading & Lighting by Cindy Kyung Ah Jang

Rendering & Compositing by Cindy Kyung Ah Jang

Sound Design by Soo Jung Kwack

Music by Soo Jung Kwack, Bella Boo Hyun Kim

Ending Song Voice by Jenny Ha-eun Park

Foley Recording by Soo Jung Kwack

Foley Artist by Nicolette Lamb, David Charles Ririe, Jiyeon Jung

Voice Over by Thomas Duong(Dad), Jiyeon Jung(Girl) 

Muscle Uncle & Fat Aunt | Picture Book Animation Project | 2011



Directed & Animated by Jiyeon Jung, Minryung Son, Soo-yul Bea

Music & Sound design by 734 Record

Original Art & Story by Won-hee Cho (Winner of 2nd CJ Picture Book Festival in Illustration)

Sponsored by Sang Publishing

The Marvelous Fart | Picture Book Animation Project | 2010



Directed & Animated by Jiyeon Jung, Young-chul Nam, Jung-jae Ha

Music & Sound design by Rocky Patel

Original Art & Story by Yoon-ji

Sponsored by Sang Publishing, CJ Picture Book Festival

Jiyeon Jung

Character Animator

Born in 1985.

Studied Visual Communication Design at Hongik University, Seoul, Rep. of Korea and 3D Character Animation at Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA. 

Worked as an animator, layout Artist in various projects:

- Director, animator(3D), and 3D layout artist, "Like Dad," 2014, San Francisco, CA
- 3D layout artist, "Frog Bar," 2012, San Francisco, CA
- Director, animator(3D), and producer, "Muscle Uncle and Fat Aunt," 2011, Seoul, Rep. of Korea
-Animator, "The Marvelous Fart," 2010, Seoul, Rep. of Korea
-Animator and art director, MV Koguryo Band, 2008, Seoul, Rep. of Korea
-Animator, SBS Drama Title Sequence "Get Karl! Oh Soo-jung," 2007, Seoul, Rep. of Korea